Lesson Plan for the week of 2/27

Monday Commanding the heights part 1
Tuesday Chapter 3 Lesson 2 Roles and Responsibilities in a Mixed Market
Wednesday Chater 3 Lesson 3 Evaluating Economic performance
Thursday Chapter 3 Review
Friday Chapter 3 Test
If you miss a day of class thre Commanding the heights video is on youtube take the time to watch the segment missed. On Days we are working on chapter 3 read the lesson and due the lesson review.

Lesson plan for May 2-6

This week we will finish the Commanding Heights series. I will pass out a cleaner version of the study guide Monday your will only be responsible for the first 2 pages of key people and events and the section covering part 3. These study guides will be turned in for a grade Friday. If you miss a day or need to review the information here is the link to the YouTube presentation. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SgFrBedelIA&t=6135s

Lesson Plan for 3-21-22 to 3-25-22

Lesson plan for Economics 3-21-22 to 3-25-22
This week we will be studying Demand Chapter 4 of the Textbook.
Monday Chapter 4 Terms write all the definitions of the content vocabulary for each lesson.
Tuesday Lesson 1 What is Demand
Wednesday Lesson 2 Factors affecting demand
Thursday Lesson 3 Elasticity of demand
Friday Chapter 4 Review

The Test for Chapter 4 is planned for Monday 3/28/22
If you are absent from class, you are to read the lesson and review the lesson review if there are things you do not understand contact me or come in early to discuss them.

Lesson Plan for 28 Feb to 4 March

Lesson Plan for the week of Feb 28
This week we will recover Commanding the heights.
All students with less than a 70 on the Commanding the heights test will re watch the Commanding the heights video and re do the assigned study guide. They will have a retest on Thursday March third. The Study guide will be worth 15 points and the retest 85 points this grade will be used as a replacement grade for the first test. The higher of the 2 tests will be entered into the grade book. All student with a 70 or grater will be given the choice of redoing and retesting or doing a meet the Economist assignment for extra credit.

Lesson Plan for the week of February 14th

This week we will be working on Chapter 3 The American Free Enterprise System.
Monday Lesson 1 American Free Enterprise Capitalism
Tuesday Lesson 2 Roles and Responsibilities in a Free Enterprise System.
Wednesday Lesson 3 Evaluating Economic Performance
Thursday Review
Friday Chapter 3 Test
If you are at home, you will need to do the Content Vocab for the chapter and then work the Using you notes section of each of the Lesson Reviews this needs to be turned in when you return to class.

Lesson Plan for January 31 thru February 4

Lesson Plan for January 31 thru February 4
Monday we will be presenting our projects over the economic impact of Hurricane Katrina
Tuesday we start Chapter 2 Economic systems Tuesday is Terms day do all the chapter vocab.
Wednesday Chapter 1 lesson 1 Economic systems
Thursday Chapter 1 lesson 2 Mixed economies
Friday Chapter 1 lesson 3 the global movement to capitalism
We will have a review on Monday 7 Feb and test on the 8th.
If you are at home your assignment is to do the terms then work thru each lesson review Answering the Guided questions section this will be due when you return unless you have been too ill to work.

Lesson Plan for Jan 18-21

Tuesday Quiz and review over chapter 1
Wednesday Chapter 1 test and start The economic impact of Hurricane Katrina Project
Thursday and Friday Project Work.
Project Information. You will work as a group to present a report on the economic impact of Hurricane Katrina. Your group may choose your focus such as the City of New Orleans, Other impacted areas, The State, a particular group of people or other groups I am giving you a wide lattatude in how you want to approach this study but!!!!!! you must address how the hurricane impacted your chosen group from an economic point of view.
If you are at home you are to communicate with your group via google docs etc you are responsible to participate to the greatest extent possible.

Lesson plan and test date changes

The chapter 1 test is being moved to Wednesday, January 19th I will hand out the review on Tuesday the 18th. I am shifting the date to allow the full viewing of Thomas Sowell’s speech Economic vs Political decision making here is the youtube link. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9TkKulS-5WQ&t=814s there will be questions on the test over his presentation.