Economics LessonPlan 4/2 to 4/ 13 2018

Economics Lesson Plan for 4/2/18 to 4/13/18
Chapter 6 How Prices Work
Monday Chapter 6 Terms
Tuesday Lesson 1 The Price system
Wednesday The Effects of Prices
Thursday Social Goals, Prices, and Market Efficiency
Friday Review
Monday Chapter 6 test/ Chapter 7 Terms
Tuesday Lesson 1 Competition and Market Structures
Wednesday Market Failures
Thursday The Role of Government
Friday Review for Monday Test

Chapter 1 What is Economics

January 29 to February 5. Chapter 1 What is Economics?
Students will learn the concepts of Scarcity, the basic economic questions What, How, and for Whom to produce, and the factors of production, basic economic concepts, economic choices and decision-making.
NOTE I will be out of the classroom on Wednesday we will be watching a video over global economic issues.