Lesson plan 4/9/18 to 4/20/18

Personnel financial planning
Students will conduct career research including discovering salary ranges for various jobs they are interested in and determining how to obtain the training needed for those jobs.
Students will build a post High School Budget based on where they plan to be and what they plan to be doing starting in August of 2018. The student are encouraged (very strongly) to go over this budget plan with their parents if the parents are planning or expected to provide financial support. I will be monitoring to ensure students are completing the work, but I will not be collecting the information as I want it to be real information which I consider private.
Career exploration
Students will create a fictional American worker and build a power point or other presentation to explain how that person lives. Students will randomly choose a job, a location, and the possibility of special situations. They will use this information to determine where they work how they live and all financial conditions the fictional worker enjoys.

Lesson Plan for Feb 25 to March 2

February 26 to March 2 Chapter 4 Demand
Students will understand the Law of Demand and demand elasticity. Students will explain how demand helps societies determine Want, How, and For Whom to produce, Students will be able to name and explain the variables of demand and demand elasticity. Students will be able to apply the total expenditures test to determine product elasticity.

7 Habits of highly Effective People

January 4 to 27. 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.
Economics is the study of how people and organizations seek to meet their unlimited wants with the limited resources available to them. Too many people believe economics is about money it is not. To believe economic is about money is to believe that construction is about rocks! Rocks may be used in construction but they are only a tool and money is only a tool. The greatest resource we as humans have available to us is our own mental, physical, and emotional abilities and the relationships we build. The 7 habits will provide us with the tools to develop our abilities and cultivate those relationships.
Students will explore the fundamental principles of human effectiveness. These two weeks’ students will be expected to keep detailed notes over each of the 7 habits and engage is self-exploration of how they can work to take responsibility for their lives and build interdependent relationships.
The 7 Habits
Be Proactive, Begin with the end in mind, Put first things first, Think win win, Seek first to understand then to be understood, Synergize, Sharpen the Saw.
Students will be tested on the ability to draw and explain each part of the maturity continuum the three levels of dependence, private and public victories and each of the 7 habits.